What does dealfomo mean?
FOMO is an acronym that stands for "fear of missing out". We felt we were missing out on deals that the retailers wanted to promote that other deals sites didn't show and we also didn't want to have to go to each retailer to view their deals daily. Even if we did visit retailer sites, there wasn't an easy way to compare the deals. Dealfomo, the site, is our solution to stop missing out on deals.

Why are some of the deals on dealfomo missing prices?
There are various reasons. Some sites don't allow you to see the price unless you add an item to the cart. We respect the retailer in these situations as they sometimes are restricted by the brand to show the price. We also try to respect a site's API if available and sometimes those APIs don't show prices for some items.

I noticed that sometimes the price on the retail site differs from the price on dealfomo. Why is that?
We respect the APIs of retailers when available. Sometimes the data from these APIs do not match what the site says. This rarely happens.

How do the filters work?
The filters are words that are related to the items available today. The first group of filters are the retailers that we display deals for. The second group of filters are general words associated with the deals. They are ordered by the number of items related to those terms. For example, if there are 10 'shirt' deals today and 5 'shorts' deals today, 'shirt' would appear before 'shorts'. These filters are designed to give you an idea of what is on sale today at a glance. Once you click on a filter, we filter out unrelated filters so you can drill down further by related filters. They are fun to play with and we encourage you to try it out. Since the deals change every day, the filters do too.